A little self-promotion

Last week, on Yuri’s Day, I announced on my blog It Doesn’t Have To Be Right… that I would be editing a hard science fiction anthology for Mutation Press. It will be called Rocket Science and will be published in 2012. There is a website here with full details.

This week, I created a blog for the anthology – Rocket Science News. On it, I plan to write about anything relevant which takes my fancy. I’ve already posted a short piece on spaceplanes. And another on a touchstone work I’m currently reading. News about the anthology will also be posted there.

So, if you’re interested in submitting to Rocket Science – and I’m taking non-fiction as well as fiction – or would like to purchase a copy when it’s published next year, keep an eye on Rocket Science News.

One Response to “A little self-promotion”

  1. Gregory Urbac Says:

    I enjoyed the interview on alternate history and checked out your site. In some respects, the nine ‘Tranquility’ science fiction books I’ve written sound like something you’d appreciate (I’m not suggesting you drop everything and read them, just bringing them to your attention). Take a peek at http://www.watersofthemoon.com if you have time. Best, Gregory Urbach

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