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Lunar Module Orientation Guide

August 30, 2010

The Lunar Module Orientation Guide & Compartment Familiarization is a facsimile reprint of NASA training materials for the Apollo Lunar Module packaged and published by Apogee Books. It comprises two documents.

The first is the course materials for the “Lunar Module Cockpit Simulation Trainer” course and “LM Crew Compartment Familiarization Phase 1A” subcourse, dated 1 August 1968, consisting of ten pages of text and twenty-five full-page schematics and diagrams of the various LM control panels and consoles. There is also a fold-out colour diagram of the LM control panels.

The second document is the “Orientation Study Guide Lunar Module”, dated January 1969, and comprising eight chapters of forty-three pages of diagrams and schematics. The chapters cover areas such as, for example, Descent Propulsion Schematic, Water Management Section Schematic, AC Power Distribution, LM Ascent Profile, and Lunar Surface Communications. A ninth chapter is titled “Highlights of Lunar Module Utilization – Lunar Landing Mission”, and provides a four-page profile of a typical lunar mission.

Lunar Module Orientation Guide & Compartment Familiarization is available as part of a web site exclusive offer with the Saturn V – Apollo Lunar Orbital Rendezvous Planning Guide, and a pair of DVDs about Apollo 11. These two books are likely to appeal only to those who are interested in the technological aspects of the Apollo programme and its spacecraft. While true, they are still fascinating historical documents, and extremely useful for research. Apogee are doing an excellent job reprinting facsimiles of Apollo documents, and I’m happy they are doing so.

Lunar Module Orientation Guide & Compartment Familiarization, edited and compiled by Robert Godwin (2009, Apogee Books, ISBN 978-1-926592-11-4, 82pp approx.)